Under Process Application (₹1199)

The “Under Process Application” service is ideal for those who have been waiting a long time for their Canadian visa without receiving updates from IRCC. This service allows you to apply for CAIPS/GCMS notes to obtain the current status of your pending visa application.

It’s designed to provide clarity on where your application stands in the processing pipeline, helping to ease uncertainties during prolonged waiting periods. This service is particularly useful for gaining insights into any delays or additional requirements needed for your application. The processing time will be 30-35 Days.


Why Choose under process caips service?

Choosing our “Under Process Application” service offers several advantages for those awaiting their Canadian visa. We provide essential assistance in tracking the status of in-process visa applications, ensuring you stay informed.

Our expertise in dealing with IRCC processes enables us to efficiently retrieve your CAIPS/GCMS notes, offering clarity on any delays or pending decisions. This service is crucial for those seeking insight into their ongoing application’s progress, reducing uncertainty and anxiety associated with long waiting periods. Our commitment is to offer timely, accurate information, aiding you in navigating the complexities of the visa processing system.

Caips Notes India GCMS

Application Form

Resolve visa application uncertainties now. Fill out this form to apply for ‘Under Process Application’ services, ensuring timely updates on your visa status.

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