Basic CAIPS + File Services (₹1999)

The “Basic CAIPS + File Services” package includes CAIPS/GCMS notes with refusal reasons and the supporting documents that were submitted by you or your consultant to IRCC. Immigration forms, covering letters, SOP, family, and financial information with the other supporting documents, or only those documents, that are possibly available at IRCC.

This service aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the refusal, enhancing the reapplication process. Note that the availability of supporting documents from IRCC may vary and is subject to availability. This service is crucial for a detailed visa application review.


Why Choose basic+file services?

If you want to check the supporting documents that were submitted by your consultant or by yourself, along with the refusal reasons then you should apply for Basic + File service. This holistic approach ensures no aspect of your application is overlooked.

It includes immigration forms, cover letters, statements of purpose, family and financial information, and other relevant documentation. Crucial for identifying and addressing any shortcomings in your application, significantly enhancing your chances of a successful reapplication.

Caips Notes India

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